CWD Science Day 2019


Mechanical and Electrical Challenges of Wind Turbines

  CWD Science Day 2019 participants standing on stairs Copyright: © CWD CWD Science Day 2019 participants

In the run-up to the Conference for Wind Power Drives 2019, the CWD welcomed international experts to its Science Day which serves as a platform to inspire future research projects while generating new ideas for current undertakings.
This year’s interdisciplinary exchange focused on innovative wind conversion systems (10-20MW) for offshore applications, presented by Prof. Henk Polinder (TU Delft) and Asger Abrahamsen (TU Denmark) who gave a thorough insight into project INNWIND.EU, while Prof. Rik W. De Doncker (E.ON Energy Research Centers, RWTH Aachen University) explained the importance of flexible electrical networks for a CO2 neutral electrical energy supply. Hyunjoo Lee (Catapult, UK) demonstrated the development of float- and submerged gravity based foundations for offshore wind turbines in project FSfound. The CWD’s Tobias Duda illustrated the development as well as application of electromechanical simulations for direct-drive wind turbines in CWD projects such as DynaWEA and CertBench.