Werkstoffqualifizierung (FVA 880-I)


Operating point-dependent qualification and selection of materials for plain bearings

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Material selection is of great importance for the safe operation of plain bearings. The static and dynamic strength of the material as well as the thermal properties and the systemic properties (e.g. emergency running properties or wear resistance) must be taken into account in the application-specific design. There is no guide or guideline for the selection of the material yet. In some cases, the requirements for plain bearing materials can already be quantified. Particularly worth mentioning are the bonding strength and creep behavior. However, the test for bonding strength is often unsuitable for plain bearing applications, since the bonding layer is subjected to tensile loading, while the sliding layer of the bearing is usually subjected to compressive and shear loading.

However, there are also material properties for which no quantifiable characteristic values exist, such as emergency running properties. In addition, the term emergency running properties is not precisely defined. In DIN 50282, for example, the emergency running properties are defined as the time period of a plain bearing operation under "unfavorable" lubrication conditions. Therefore, a comparison of the emergency running properties of different bearing materials based on quantifiable properties is currently not possible.

Application-specific material selection is of increasing importance as plain bearings are increasingly used in new fields of application such as wind turbines. Furthermore the requirements for existing plain bearing materials are changing due to increasing environmental protection measures. In addition to the qualification of existing materials for an application, it is therefore also necessary to qualify new types of materials. By improving existing test methods and developing new ones, the project is creating a basis that will facilitate the application-specific selection of plain bearing materials.

Research goals

  • Derivation of application-specific requirements placed on plain bearing materials
  • Development of a test method with which the emergency running properties of plain bearing materials can be quantifiably evaluated
  • Determination of factors influencing the emergency running properties of plain bearings
  • Development of a test method for realistic testing of the bonding strength of running layers in composite plain bearings

Research and project partners

  • IWM - Institute for Materials Applications in Mechanical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University
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  • Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action

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  • Research Association for Drive Technology (FVA)