Girls' Day 2019 at the CWD

   Student tightening bolts Copyright: © MSE, CWD Tightening bolts - important assembly work.

Melinda Truong scores good grades in physics and maths and knew exactly where she wanted to spend this year’s Girls’ Day: at the Center for Wind Power Drives (CWD). “I’ve always been interested in wind turbines and wanted to know more about them – and I like technical professions”, the 12-year-old student explained her choice. Melinda’s day started with a tour of the CWD and its test hall where the behavior of onshore wind turbines is analyzed, before she tackled her first task successfully: after having received all necessary information on bold diameters and torque wrench – and equipped with a fast perception - she tightened bolts of varying sizes gaining a hands-on insight into the assembly work carried out at the CWD.

  Measuring a mobile phone with a caliper gauge Copyright: © MSE, CWD Melinda measures a mobile phone with a caliper gauge

During her interactive second assignment Melinda got familiar with Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) - an important tool in engineering. "CAE is important because you can calculate the mechanical properties of components before you build them." Melinda remembered correctly and measured a mobile phone with a caliper gauge before she created a model of the device in the program Inventor and carried out a load analysis, too.


„I had a lot of fun today: Thank you! Maybe one day I’ll come back one day to study here!“ Melinda Truong, participant of the CWD Girls' Day 2019.