Influence of corrosion inhibitors on the wear protection of oil-lubricated rolling bearings

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Florian König

Head of Tribology


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  Influence of corrosion inhibitors on the wear protection of oil-lubricated rolling bearings Copyright: © MSE


Additives are added to lubricating oils for rolling bearings to perform a variety of specific tasks and ensure their operating life. These include protection against wear and corrosion. To ensure effective lubrication, various additives are combined in practice. Additives with high polarity, such as wear and corrosion protection additives, act directly on the bearing surfaces by forming boundary layers. Interactions between polar additive groups sometimes lead to competition or synergies, which has not yet been systematically investigated. An understanding of additive interactions is necessary for additive selection.

Research objective

This leads to the project objective of developing a model understanding of additive interactions on tribologically stressed surfaces. The aim is to determine the influence of the composition and proportioning of a combined AW/EP and CI additive on wear protection. The primary research question of this project is to what extent corrosion inhibitors influence the wear protection additives in oil-lubricated rolling bearings. To answer this question, the wear behavior will be evaluated as a function of the additive and contact parameters using component tests. Furthermore, corrosion tests and microanalyses are carried out. By analyzing additive-based boundary layers, findings on additive interactions and surface competitions are derived and correlated with the protective effect of the lubricating oil.


March 1, 2022 to August 30, 2024


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