3malE Pupils‘ Competition: Hammocks from Renewable Materials


Pupils from Kaiser-Karls-Gymnasium (KKG) realize MINT-Project at MSE

Brainstorming class Copyright: © MSE Brainstorming prior to construction

Sunny weather and hammocks are quite a fun combination - Loana Triller, Tong Zhao, Maximilian Dung, Peter Horsch, Jarno Weber and Gregor Stepke, however, have planned to go further than that participating in the nationwide “3malE” pupil competition: the students attending the KKG’s 10th grade in Aachen aim to combine good vibes with sustainable technology by building a hammock using renewable materials. In order to put their idea into action, they have temporarily assumed the role of engineers: they manage various tasks of the design process – from procuring materials to managing the budget. The students are supported by teacher and MINT-coordinator Andreas Kral (KKG) alongside research assistants Marian Kozlowski and Sebastian Stein (MSE).

Developing the hammock’s frame so that it can be built from renewable materials requires for instance including components that are built using 3D printing technology. During the MSE workshop on “Design Methodology” the potential future engineers gained a detailed insight into simplified product development processes (PDP) and learned how to choose the right material for their construct. In today’s third and final workshop they chose fitting components and were introduced to 3D-printing tools. Loana and her classmates - who are close to actually building their prototype - are keen on taking the correct decision at the right time in order to move their project ahead: “We want to put our idea into reality. That’s why we wanted to know what is possible in the first place and which approach we should scrap. In the workshops we realized which material we need to use to build a sustainable hammock.”

Pupils learn about components built via 3D Copyright: © MSE 3D component produced at D³

he competition ends May 13th and until then the pupils aim to build an end version in addition to the prototype. After the workshops, they may avail of the 3D printers and scanners as well as the drawing tablet provided by D³, the MSE construction lab.


The MSE keeps all fingers tightly crossed!